Lucca, 1942. The Officine Fontana, crafters of precision timepieces, received a prestigious commission from the italian Navy: to design and build a new model of watch for the army. This challenge meant satisfying the high quality standards
of the Navy and respecting very precise technical specifications, but above all guaranteeing maximum visibility in any light condition.however, the project never went ahead and production did not start up for political reasons.

in 2000 italo Fontana, ilvo Fontana’s grandson, came across the designs from that period, which were to become the source of inspiration for the creation of the first U- Boat watch.

A new dimension of time: this was italo Fontana’s first thought when he stumbled upon his grandfather’s designs. This intuition became the inspiration for the entire U-Boat watch collection.

italian design, impeccable watch craftsmanship and Swiss movements.
U-Boat watches are all this: strong identity, large in size, perfect legibility in all light conditions, along with its distinctive and characteristic design - the left-crown protected by a specially-designed safety cover.
Every U-Boat collection is made in italy and each tiny detail is overseen by italo Fontana.