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The leading brand name in silverware production in Alessandria since 1882, Cesa produces articles for the table and household which astonish and enchant; unbelievable works of art.  The Greggio Group acquired this historical brand in 1995 and continued the precious production as well as starting selected distribution to exclusive agents only.
The catalogue contains a limited collection – cutlery, crockery, gifts and fancy goods – of very high quality and refined stylistic research where even small details take on a strategic importance.  These were made to serve the “Quirinale, decorating tables for the most exclusive banquets, back in time as far as the Royal House of Savoy. The trick of light and shadow, profiles and curves, unique ornamental motives, edges and decorations make the articles of Cesa 1882 of incomparable splendour.  In particular the cutlery, which was first produced in 1898, representing the very best of this brand.  Spoons, knives and forks are jewels for the table: for each article 38 different phases of workmanship are needed to produce the finished product.
Definitions for Cesa 1882?

Cesa 1882 is ...

- Silver through time
- Silver, the elite
- Siver of luxury
- Silver for special occasions
- Silver of style and magnificence

... since 1882