Salvatore Bersani, manufacturer in Vicenza, presents his original collections in 18k gold dedicated to a male and female public. The line for man, unique for its design and attention to detail, includes chains, bracelets, key-chains, cuff-links, tie-pins, money-clip. The lines for woman, called Charleston and Cleopatra, are a combination of yellow and white twisted fine gold strands on necklaces and bracelets.

Must Salvatore Bersani thank his experience as a businessman or his incredible will to succeed for his achievements?

A bit of one and a lot of the other is the answer, together with a natural inclination for breaking the rules and innovating whilst respecting gold's most classic culture.

His collections for men testify this. Chains, bracelets and accessories unique for their design and attention to detail. And what can one say of the incredible success of the widely imitated Cleopatra collection!

But the past is the past and no matter how great the successes, Salvatore Bersani always looks ahead with the same enthusiasm and will to innovate that distinguish him.

So once again it is time for experimentation and new daring combinations: this is the time for the Charleston line to born. Agile jewels able to satisfy both men's and women's idea of pleasure and beauty. Gold and rubber together for jewels: a touch less dramatic and therefore easier to wear. A line which marks this company's entry into different markets

without losing a hint of prestige. Twisted fine gold strands attractively contrasted on black rubber. Another brilliant result.

Once again Salvatore Bersani has succeeded. And once again he is in the most important national and international show cases and in the hearts of clients throughout the world.