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Since 1993, Emmanuel DIETRICH has been creating and developing wristwatches for the most famous horological brands.
Coming from the field of design, and treasuring its specific approach (a quest for the perfect balance between esthetics and practicability) he decided to launch his eponym horological brand, DIETRICH in 2010.

Established in the heart of Switzerland, close to its vibrant metropole Zürich, DIETRICH proposes unique timekeepers whether in terms of design, functions, manufacturing and or in regards to the selection of materials.

Reflecting the inner world of designer Emmanuel DIETRICH, these timepieces are a unique mix of the notions of “body” and “time”.

“I’ve always regarded the watch as an extension of the human body. A living presence on the wrist ; a delicate organ that measures our time.
Its mechanical movement echoes the pulses of our beating heart, its tiny parts are moving calmly and with a peaceful regularity. It is a living, reassuring object that completes us and links us all together by the time we all share. I’ve always dreamt of a timekeeper made in the image of the body it completes, strong yet soft, complex yet singular. Like a tiny organism, a warm companion we want to cuddle with.”


Dietrich’s newest Swiss-made Time Companion collection features a hexagonal shaped case with a Swiss automatic ETA movement.

Upping their design and craftsmanship, Dietrich is presenting a luxury watch at a reasonable price point.

The bracelet echoes the hexagonal theme of the rest of the watch and is a unique, three-link design that compliments the timepiece.

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Dietrich watches