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Fabergé Essence Rose Gold Neon Blue Egg Pendant with Diamond Belt


18k Rose Gold & Neon Blue Lacquer 16mm Egg 27 Round Brilliant Cut White Diamonds Total Weight 0.17ct

1 Round Gemfields Mozambique Ruby Total Weight 0.04ct 50cm 1.3mm

Trace Chain with Egg Tag

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The Fabergé Essence Neon designs embody our ethos of ‘A Life in Colour’ and impart a zest for life to the wearer, designed to be stacked and styled with other creations in our collections to create a bold and colourful statement.


Available in five colours and two egg sizes, customers are encouraged to mix and match these playful egg pendants to create a bold and contemporary look. Eggs are available in 18mm with a sparkling diamond belt wrapping around the circumference, and 22mm with a diamond set bail. Ideal to be worn layered together with contrasting colours, or worn solo to add a burst of colour, these new pendants add a dose of fun to the everyday.


In keeping with our penchant for surprise, each egg features a Gemfields Mozambican ruby set at the base, radiating an added touch of colour when worn. Gemfields responsibly mines and markets coloured gemstones from some of the world’s finest gemstone deposits, while ensuring the gemstones bring benefit to as many citizens as possible. With a great respect for the natural world and the communities that inhabit it, Gemfields believes that those who mine gemstones should do so with transparency, legitimacy, and integrity.





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