Since 1804


De Grisogono - Gioielleria Zampa
Faberge' - Gioielleria Zampa
Roberto Coin - Gioielleria Zampa


Ulysse Nardin - Gioielleria Zampa
Hermes Paris - Gioielleria Zampa
U-boat - Gioielleria Zampa
Dietrich - Gioielleria Zampa


Great stories often begin with the unassuming – the seemingly ordinary. An impassioned zeal for the finer things saw a young Roman, Giuseppe Zampa, authenticating precious materials in service to the Order of St John during the great Grand Master Ramon Perellos’s reign in the 17th century. It wasn’t long before

Zampa’s august acclaim saw him reaching new heights, fashioning beautiful handcrafted silver. Zampa’s love for Malta never waned and here he remained. His passion was passed on to his children and, with that, came the first Zampa jewellery shop being set up in 1804 on Santa Lucia Street. The rest, as they say, is history.


Zampa Today

Today sees Valletta as the proud home to no less than three Gioielleria Zampa outlets, adorning the streets once traversed by the local nobility with an unparalleled range of high-end designer jewellery and watches. 
 In this way, the Zampa family has broadened its reach, ultimately ensuring an indelible impression graces the hearts and minds of travellers from beyond our shores.
With Sergio Zampa and his two sons Francesco and Carlo at the helm, unbridled spirit and attention to detail has seen Gioielleria Zampa bloom into the veritable institution that it is today. Luxury, sophistication, timelessness; this is the Zampa legacy.