Love in Verona Collection

The jewels in the Love in Verona collection are part of the thread that connects the Rob-erto Coin brand to cities around Italy and takes us on a countrywide tour where the pieces become ambassadors of beauty. Everyone knows Verona as the city of Romeo and Juliet, a symbol of love in literature, but not everyone knows that Verona is home to a very special women’s club.
Since its foundation in 1930, the Juliet Club has hosted a group of women who read and answer the love letters that arrive, addressed to Juliet, from all over the world. Every letter that arrives is kept in an archive in the heart of Verona, an archive of love. This is the inspiration for the Love in Verona collection.
The design repeats the iconic four-petal flower, featured in the Princess collections, along the entire surface of the pieces. The repetition of the pattern is esthetically evoca-tive of the Arena of Verona, the architectural symbol of the city, and the series of arches that run all along its perimeter. The collection’s minimal look is developed in all of the colors of gold so that the pieces can be worn together for a total-look effect.