Ah love! Humankind starts to feel and hear about this strong sentiment from an incredibly early age, then by time we learn that love in all its forms is what makes us go forth in life. However, love can also be fragile, so we must keep it strong so no one out there can harm it.

Historically, we find that this common tradition has been going on for ages. Typically, when a loving couple decide and plan to remain together forever, well, they start planning for their big day, and in most cases they get engaged first which sets the ball rolling for the wedding.

On record we find that this custom dates back from the Romans where wives wore rings attached to small keys indicating their husbands` ownership. Furthermore, the very first diamond engagement ring mentioned was that of Archduke Maximillian of Austria which he commissioned to his betrothed Mary of Burgundy in 1477. These stories show and confirm that this fascinating nuptial set practice, bearing the engagement ring and wedding band, has been around for a long time.

If you are planning your engagement with your better half, you will soon need to start shopping around. So, read on to discover the differences between these two magnificent meaningful circlets, the distinct types on offer, when to purchase, how to wear them and more.

Engagement Ring vs Wedding Band

Traditionally, an engagement ring is given during the proposal or at an early point in the engagement, and it is recognisable from its classic main stone which either stands on its own or is adorned or surrounded by smaller stones.

Alternatively, the wedding band is traditionally a plain metal band, or a diamond-encrusted eternity band, which the couples exchange while reciting their vows during the wedding ceremony.

Even though a wedding band could have inlaid diamonds or other gemstones, its total carat weight is usually less than that of an engagement ring. Therefore, it stands to reason that there is always a significant different in price between the two.

However, from time to time we find that some modern couples in different countries have more flair and take the opportunity to come out with varied novelties. Not only they throw tradition out of the window, but also have more say in the design and choice of their conjugal set, diversifying their engagement ring and wedding band selections.

Therefore, especially for these particular couples, wedding bands mustn`t be plain or an engagement ring doesn`t need to hold a solo stone, but decisions rest with the future bride and groom, to scour the market, do their research and deal with the experts to obtain the perfect guide and target their design in line with their budget.

Do You Need Both?

In a nutshell, it all comes down to personal preference as there is no strict rule to abide to, and while it is true that the majority of societies tend to wear both engagement ring and wedding band, however the last say and decision rests with the owner of the ring.

If you like the traditional look, then yes of course go for it wear them both. However, relax and enjoy the unique moment when purchasing, wear your rings with pride, while keeping in mind that various people have different tastes.

To mention a valid alternative, we also find that there are even brides who add a third one to their finger, like a trilogy ring for example, so as you see there exist a myriad of opinions.

We even find that in some cases couples decide to purchase both engagement ring and wedding band together, and while reasons vary however it could be that they found that the two sparkling circles complement each other, in which case they are more encouraged to opt for a matching nuptial set.

There are also those who would prefer to invest their money on one standout ring, omitting the engagement one for example. So, if you are not keen to wear two rings on your finger, this one could be food for thought.

How to Wear Your Bridal Set

By tradition, both engagement ring and wedding band are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, with the wedding band inside the engagement ring to be closer to your heart (aww).

However, again, this isn`t a strict rule, and a bride could opt for one of them only, or wear one on the left fourth finger and the other on the right, especially if the rings are crafted in a particular way which makes it difficult to stack them on the same finger, or maybe one is made out of white gold and the other in yellow as tastes/trends could have changed along the years leading to marriage.

Symbolically, the marital set represent love, loyalty, respect, and commitment to spend the rest of their lives together, maybe in the long-term also forming a family, or not, but surely vowed to support each other no matter what happens, sacrificing their own time if need be, and be very, very patient.

All this gathered can be simply translated into one simple yet complex word – love.

From our expertise, we suggest to purchase the wedding band two months before the big day, thus avoiding any hiccups which could pop up.


As you may appreciate by now, differences between an engagement ring and a wedding band do exist both as a meaning, a milestone, but also in design and worth.

Ultimately, it all bores down to the couple to decide which ones to opt for, if to share and cherish in separate moments, or purchase them together as a matrimonial set.

Finally, these are yes beautiful rings to wear and show the world that a deep devotion subsists between you and your partner but let them also be your daily reminder to keep the chemistry working to treasure your loving relationship till, as they say, `death do us part`.