The hand-crafted Fabergé x 007 Limited Edition Octopussy Egg Objet is limited to just 50 numbered pieces and stands at 8.4cm tall, crafted from 18k yellow gold and hand-painted with a rich green enamel, carefully selected for its similarity to the enamel used on the Fabergé egg featured in the film Octopussy.


The egg objet has been set with 183 white diamonds, and 2 blue sapphires.


A mesmerising pattern is visible underneath the lustrous enamel – a combination of Fabergé’s signature guilloché, accompanied by an intricate artwork of engraved octopus tentacles which mysteriously wrap around the egg. These tentacles feature minute detail, and provide a level of depth and intrigue to the piece. The application is a highly skilled technique which takes absolute precision and patience, and is so complex that one week’s work is reserved for this alone. The egg is mounted on a stand which is reminiscent of that featured on the Fabergé egg from the film, set with white diamonds and blue sapphires.


At the centre of the egg your eye is drawn into the gold 007 logo, which marks the point of entry into discovering the signature Fabergé surprise hidden within. The egg opens to reveal an 18k yellow gold octopus nestled inside, adorned with white diamond suckers and black diamond eyes. The octopus surprise pays homage to the eponymous antagonist at the centre of the Octopussy film. This is also a nod to Peter Carl Fabergé, who was renowned for his quirky little animal studies, both created as charms and as ornaments in hardstone.