The Fabergé x 007 Special Edition Octopussy Egg Surprise Locket has been crafted from 18k yellow gold, and is decorated with green guilloché enamel and set with 60 white diamonds and 15 blue sapphires.


The exterior of the egg closely follows the design of the Fabergé egg featured in the film Octopussy, with a beautiful 18k gold lattice framework which is delicately set with blue sapphires and white diamonds in a floral-like design.


The egg’s surface features a geometric guilloché engraved pattern, to juxtapose the more organic shape of the egg, and each piece has been decorated with green enamel to perfectly pair with the Fabergé x 007 limited Edition Octopussy Egg Objet. Subtle nods to the Octopussy film are also woven into the design, including the bail of the locket which takes its inspiration from the letter ‘O’ in the film’s title treatment.


In true Fabergé style, the beautiful egg locket also offers a surprise – opening to reveal a miniature 18k gold octopus inside, capturing the spirit of the film’s namesake. The octopus has been set with two black diamond eyes.