Men have been wearing some form of bracelets for ages, from beads to leather or steel, the styles vary, all with their hidden message about whose wearing them.

The crux here apart from choosing the right bracelet for you, is to wear it with effortlessness. It should show that you`re at ease and that the bracelet is almost a sentimental extension of yourself rather than a dangling foreign body. 

Reasons Why Men Wear Bracelets

Men have been wearing bracelets for centuries, they used to signify their status and power. From primeval men who wore bracelets to keep malevolent spirits away, to soldiers and rulers who with their bracelets showed their position in society.

Bracelets have evolved significantly over the centuries.

Nowadays we find that bracelets don`t portray extreme ranks anymore, but they still do depict an individual, whether he is sporty, at leisure or classy.

A bracelet needs to be given its weight, and a rationale.

It is evident that the modern man is one that takes care of himself, groomed and proud, which is fine as long as he`s also respectful. The gent spends time choosing his outfit depending on the venue of course, and with it his watch, and why not, a bracelet to complete the attire.

Any bracelet will do? No, let`s discover more.

How to Spot the Right Bracelet?

A bracelet is ideally simple, yet fascinating, oozing confidence and gracing its owner with a positive enticing aura which leads to curiosity.

The key to master the perfect bracelet for you rests in the basics, which are threefold:

  • Proportions and Fit
  • Overall Style 
  • Conversant about which bracelet for which location

Proportions and Fit

Large chunky bracelets are meant for men with thick wrists, while you guessed it, smaller bracelets for thinner wrists. This is common sense really, although we see exceptions like rappers, but that`s a unique style altogether.

Moreover, a bracelet needs to be proportional to a man`s build, while fitting loosely and comfortably. Ideally, one to two fingers can be inserted hassle-free between the bracelet and the wrist.

Now, if you`re opting to beads or elastic bracelets, these usually stretch only to a certain point, so bit limited depending on one`s wrists.

A big chunky bracelet sliding up and down your wrist will get old fast. Also, keep in mind that large bracelets will show around your sleeve or cuffs.

Anything with significant weight should be a tad fitter, while light bracelets can be given more freedom.

Overall Style

What`s the message you`re trying to convey with your style? Outfits together with jewellery in general, bracelets included, can be customised while complementing your look and are worn for a reason not for bling and flashy only (if you opted for those), hopefully.

Remember what we`re after here, effortlessness, so our tip is to go for natural.

Stone, wood or leather bracelets will match almost any outfit, while their material will wear nicely over time. Avoid combining natural with say flashy steel, they don`t go too well together.

Conversant about which bracelet for which location

We all have our favourite bracelets, however that doesn`t mean that we have to wear them all the time. Bracelets can be taken off or switched with others depending on our outfit and the venue we`re going to.

For more formal locations, you can go with a discreet thin dark-coloured bracelet. Alternatively, a silver or gold bracelet matching say your cufflinks, belt buckle, watch or tie clip will stand out nicely together with your suit/tux, especially for a stand-up event, black tie or a gala dinner.  

Leave the beads, wood, stone or leather for the gym or chilling with your friends.

Wear It Like a Boss

If you wear a watch, ideally your bracelet must go on the opposite hand, however there are no rules engraved in stone here, and it all goes down to your own style or mood.

Since we touched the watch section, it`s good to mention that chunky watches demand thinner bracelets, as visual weight matters.

Remember, keep it safe and easy: natural colours like wood or leather will match with almost every apparel

Stacked or Combos Anyone?

Dangling abounding bracelets is okay for Instagram. We suggest 3 to 4 bracelets that share a common theme or colour, though they don`t need to match perfectly. Try beads with leather.

Remember the watch? Well, combos exist too, and for some men, bracelets can be worn on the same wrist as the watch. Since you have two wrists, go on, mix and match, but keep in mind similar materials, colours and themes.

Keeping your Bracelets Impeccable

Is your bracelet waterproof? If not sure, ask or do your research, as taking a shower while still wearing your bracelet may damage it. Some stainless steel models are water resistant.

Bracelets will gather some dirt by time. We suggest to keep it simple, soap and warm water, however check if the bracelet is real gold or silver. For leather don`t dunk in water but damp down with a fabric, then dry with a parched cloth.

In Conclusion

Nowadays, we still find clients querying if it is ok for a man to wear a bracelet, so let us finish this article by eliminating any confusion on this one.

The time when a man needs to portray only a macho image of himself has long passed. While these type of men still exist of course, and there`s nothing wrong about it, let us not forget that in an avant-garde world we also embraced diversity. Having said that, to put some minds at rest on the subject, yes it is a well-known fact that bracelets can be worn by all men, being heterosexual or not.

As we saw, it bores down to the style of the bracelet chosen together with the rest of your attire to send your preferred message.

Your bracelet tells a story, and people will ask about it, so choose one that is closer to your profile.